Time management tips for students!

Doesn’t it feel like the start of each semester you have it all together? You’re understanding what’s going on in all your classes, you’re keeping up on your sleep, and eating a lot better than you did over the break. Then you blink an eye and it feels like you’re failing 4 out of your 5 classes, you haven’t slept in 2 days, and you’ve actually gained 5 pounds. You feel guilty for even breathing because you could be doing homework. I know what it’s like!! But I have found a way to manage my time (enough at least) to relieve some of the unnecessary stress and wanted to share what tips I have with you!

Mapping out your day will save your life and your GPA. One of my most daily used items is my planner, every college student should have one. I repeat EVERY COLLEGE STUDENT SHOULD HAVE ONE! I would recommend something that lays out the hours for you from around 6am-7pm depending on how early of a riser you are and how late your classes are! Here is a picture of my current agenda:


What works best for me is mapping my day out from when I wake up until around 7pm. Usually by 7 I am done with any mandatory classes, meetings, work, ect. and anything I must do that night; I just write down for after 7 so I can have dinner and relax for a bit. If it is something I must do that day, I use a highlighter so I know what is most necessary and I will start with that first. I go as far as writing out when I will eat! That is mostly helpful for me because I have a pretty busy schedule, but even students with a much more lenient schedule should still be planning out their days. I am a strong believer that just writing down due dates on a calendar is not enough to help you be successful. If you really have an issue with time management, taking an extra 10 minutes the night before to write down what all you need to accomplish the next day really goes far!

Planning my entire week on Sunday night really helps me because then I feel like I have a good idea of what type of week I am going into! Trying to remember when something is due or what time you have a meeting is so much easier when you have already seen it in your planner at the beginning of the day. It really is the best reminder!

A planner is also great for notes: I put a sticky in mine with grocery lists, shopping lists, emails, contact information, all types of stuff really, because it never gets lost! If I am ever wondering where I wrote something down, it’s most likely in my planner.

Although our memory can go far, it has been proven that just by writing something down, you are more likely to remember it! I don’t know if it’s just me, but I really don’t like to sacrifice my sleep by waiting until the last minute to do assignments. I won’t lie, I do love to procrastinate, but nothing is more satisfying than checking off the last item on your to do list. My planner has made it where time is no longer a reason for added stress!  So if you don’t already, go out and buy a planner. Some can be expensive, but I got mine for $15 dollars at Target and I could argue it was one of my best investments!


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