Save money, eat at home!

I love going out to eat as much as the next person, but going to the grocery store and eating at home is so much more rewarding!

You hear all the time to go grocery shopping because it’s cheaper, but sometimes when you shop it doesn’t feel that way! Well I actually went through my checking account this month and compared it to a random month over the summer and I want to share with you how much I really did save by eating at home!

July 2016

I added up every purchase from fast food restaurants, dine in restaurants, and grocery store runs from when I bought food in July. I spent $307.27 at these places ONLY in July. I did take into consideration that I may have bought household items and necessities at Harris Teeter and Walmart, but I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than $100 on household/personal items. This means I spent over $200 in July alone. That means I spent about an average of about $7 PER DAY on food! This was even hard for me to calculate because it’s hard to believe this was where all my money is going!

January 2017

I know January isn’t quite over yet, but I just went grocery shopping for the next week so this should be pretty accurate! This past month I have spent $198.16 on fast food, restaurants, and the grocery store. I’ve mainly only been shopping at Walmart and this is how much I have saved! If I subtract the $100 that I did when I calculated for July, I only spent about $100 on food this past month. That means I’m only spending $3 a day on food! This was such a relief  and look at all of the great (and healthy) meals I have made on less than $3 a day!

Baked salmon, sautéed kale, and a sweet potato (this meal was about $7 in total and I ate the leftovers for lunch today)!
Homemade fried rice, steamed veggies, and teriyaki chicken (this meal was about $9 in total and I have a whole serving to eat tomorrow night too)!


Although I have a busy schedule I always make time to make it to the grocery store, and I have just recently started packing my lunch to take to class so I am not tempted to stop and grab something in between classes! I also make sure that I make my coffee at home in the morning. I used to stop by Starbucks daily on my way to my 8:00am class. I don’t even want to see how much I spent on coffee alone. You can get a pack of 60 K-cups online for $30. That is 50 cents a cup! And if you brew your own coffee it is even cheaper!

I challenge you to calculate the amount of money you have spent on food in the last month and try to spend less in February! You never really realize how much it does add up, it guarantee it will change your perspective!

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  1. And shopping at Walmart if you use the Walmart app savings catcher they will refund you the difference if they find it cheaper elsewhere and it creates an e gift card to where you use Walmart pay that the register every little bit adds up like you said I ended up having like $35 dollars after half a year!!

    1. Wow!
      That is such a great tip, I had no idea about that app. I’ve got to try it out! $35 in six months is great savings from just entering it into the app, its like you’re making money from shopping! How awesome, thank you for sharing!!

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