5 things I learned when I switched to a science major

Staying late in the library comes naturally: As we speak it is 1:30am on a Tuesday night and I am just finishing up my work for the night and writing this post. If that doesn’t explain itself, I’m not sure what will.

Labs are no joke: When you register for classes, two labs in one semester doesn’t seem all that bad. That is until you leave your house at 7:30am for research, leave at 11 to go to work. Class is at 2:30 and then finally at 3:20 on a Monday, you think you’re done and can’t wait to relax. But then you remember you have lab at 4:30pm and it will most likely take all 3 hours. These are the Monday’s I never imagined I would have, until I switched to a science major.

Coffee is an alternative to water: Two cups a day is the norm, but three is still acceptable when you have an exam the next day.

Doing homework on the weekends isn’t an option: Saying no to plans just comes naturally. The girl that was once a people pleaser, the YES girl, is now the “I can’t, I have a paper due for my chemistry lab?!?!”

I would never change back: Although it is more grueling than I could have ever imagined. When I remember, this is the first step to achieving my goals. I know that I would never change back! 🙂

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