Secrets to defeating procrastination!

Most of us are guilty of embarrassingly turning in an assignment late, or submitting at 11:58 when it’s due at 11:59. We procrastinate not because we are incapable of doing something, but because we would rather be doing anything else! I still procrastinate some small assignments here and there, but here are some tips that I use that have really helped me to stay on top of things so my to-do list doesn’t grow long!

Write due dates in your planner a day or two before the assignment is actually due:

Although most professors remind you of when assignments are due, this works for me as a way to “trick” my mind into thinking something is due before it actually is. This way I can finish an assignment on Tuesday when it’s really due that next Thursday. This is very rewarding when you want to make plans on Wednesday and remember that you can because your assignment is done ahead of time!

Tell someone when you’re going to do an assignment:

When you tell someone your plans, you are more likely to go through with them because there is that accountability there. It’s been proven that verbally expressing that you’re going to do something gives you more motivation to follow through!

Make plans to study in a group:

If you’re prone to procrastinate when time to study for an exam, plan to study in a group and set the date a few days before the exam. This way you’ll study in a group (which I think is great for talking through ideas) and your studying is now seen as an event that you need to fit into your day! Something you can add to your to-do list without skipping over and “planning to study tomorrow.”

Hold yourself accountable:

This will make you such a more successful person. No one feels good about themselves when they turn in an assignment late, or miss a due date. Hold yourself accountable and do assignments when you say you will. You will feel so much more organized and responsible! This will reflect in your grades and also your overall outlook on yourself in a positive way!

So no more letting assignments or studying slide by! Take control and defeat the urge to procrastinate! Let me know if you try any of these techniques and if you have any you would like to share!

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