18 things students actually want in their college care package!

If you are ever wondering what to put in your college student’s care package, here it is! I took a toll of 5 of my closest friends and these are the items that we agreed we would for sure get great use of!

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1. Fuzzy socks-I couldn’t think of a better #1, I have never seen any college student unhappy opening a new pair of fuzzy socks!

2. New headphones-Old headphones are a drag because although they are old, we still use them because they work. A new pair is always a good surprise!

3. Loads of gum-“Everyone loves the guy who offers them a piece of gum”-Michael Scott

4. Chap stick-This is one of the most common things I lose on campus, ample amounts of Burt’s Bee’s would make a great addition to any college care package.

6. Anything bath and body works-Any smelly good lotion or body wash. Even scented candles would make a care package over the top!

8. Mini bags of chips-Easy to carry to class or while we are on the go!

9. Granola bars-And if you’re student is trying to stray away from the chips, granola bars will suffice!

10. Coffee-I don’t know a single student who lives without it!11. Starbucks gift cards-Because even though we like to believe we will only make coffee at home, Starbucks is just too yummy not to have every once in a while!

12. Sticky notes & Index cards- These college supplies run out so quickly, it’s always nice to have them stocked up!

Reusable water bottles-Because we can save on throwing away 20 plastic water bottles a week!

15. Razors-One of those basic necessities that we question changing because replacements are over $15!

Nail Polish-It’s always nice to have an array or colors to choose from!

Sports t-shirts-Even if the sport we love isn’t in season, it’s always nice to be stocked up on sports gear so we can rock out when the time comes!

Shampoo & Body Wash-The basic items that we obviously need, but still dread spending our money on!

Stock your students care package with these items and they won’t be disappointed! Thanks so much for reading, tag your parents to drop a sly hint! For more like this subscribe so you won’t miss a post!

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  1. I love these and feel like I forget a lot of them! The best part is that they’re all fairly affordable. My BF is in college still so I think I’ll send him one this semester filled with these goodies!

  2. I may be a college student- I love getting those things 😂I have a few years before my littles are in college but this a great list!

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