Must haves in your college pack!

It’s pretty obvious you should have notebooks for your classes as well as your textbooks; but here are some extras that some people may forget to pack, but are for sure necessities.

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 Laptop: This may sound obvious, but there are times when I think I won’t need Macbook for class and end up needing it! You should always have this packed!

Laptop and phone chargers: This is the one item that is so overlooked. When you leave your house in the morning with 100% on your phone, you don’t think you will need your charger so you’ll leave it at home. 9 times out of 10 my phone ends up going under 20% and I am in need of my charger. If I always have it packed so I never have to worry!

Hand Sanitizer: I always carry around my hand sanitizer. This is so useful for all of the nasty germs that are on all the doorknobs and desks around campus!

Water bottle: You should always be drinking a minimum of 8 cups of water a day. I have found that if I always pack my water bottle, I drink 3 times as much water as I usually would! I love my brita water bottle that I take everywhere with me! 

Snacks: Especially on those busy days when you don’t have time to stop and grab something or you don’t have time to go back home to grab something. Always having a snack packed makes it easier to stay energized throughout the day!

Colored Pens/Highlighters: I love love love color coding my notes so this is a necessity! Make sure you get the NO BLEED sharpie!

Chap stick: No one likes chapped lips and Burt’s bees is always the solution! If you live a city that is usually dry, you definitely always wanna have your chap stick!

Headphones: I love listening to music in between my classes or while I am at the library. I have a pair of headphones for my apartment and also for my back pack!

Planner: I feel so empty without my planner! I carry this around everywhere! You never know when something is going to come up that you know you can’t forget! If you always have your planner, you’ll always be able to jot it down!

Sticky notes: I love using sticky notes so I can jot down any thought I am having throughout the day!

Deodorant: I bike to my classes, and anyone living in Charleston should have this in their backpack. This isn’t only for you, for your classmates as well. Make sure you’re smelling fresh!

Extra packing can never hurt! Happy packing! <3

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