How to keep a steady finals schedule! (+FREE printable schedule)

With finals coming up I started to make a study schedule to keep me on track! All three years I have used a study schedule to map out which days I will study for which classes. I also make sure I map out breaks and times for myself so I don’t go absolutely crazy! I attached a FREE printable PDF of the schedule that I use below, so feel free to print it out and plan away!


Some tips for finals week:

  1. Study for each class a little each day A WEEK BEFORE finals week starts: This is so important! Most people wait until finals week hits and they spend the whole day studying for one exam. This doesn’t work because by the time you have two exams in one day, you are going to run out of time to study the details. If you spend the week before studying the main concepts, you can go into details during the week of exams! Try it out, you’ll feel so much more prepared.
  2. Pack snacks and plenty of water for long days at the library: Studying non-stop is already stressful enough so making sure you’re staying healthy is so important.
  3. Make your study schedule do-able: Don’t overdo it and burn yourself out. Make sure when you make a schedule, you make it where you can stick to it and not give it up!
  4. Schedule in breaks: BREAKS ARE A NECESSITY! Do not forget to take breaks and take some time for yourself. College of Charleston has a cougar countdown schedule that offers coffee breaks, yoga classes, and even puppies behind the library to help relieve some stress from school! Check your campus website to see if your school offers any of these things!
  5. Keep summer in mind: Finals week is stressful, but once it’s over! IT’S SUMMERTIME! Study hard now so you can be stress free later!


Good luck with finals, you can do it!

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