Summer Must Reads for Pre-Meds!

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies…The man who never reads lives only one.”

For any of my book lovers out there, here are a few books I have already read myself and fell in love with!

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Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End by Atul Gawande, M.D. Gawande gives his experiences of medicine in today’s world. He lays out examples of how medicine can be altered to benefit lives of patients in their final days. How when the end of life is near, medicine isn’t the only thing that we need. Comfort and care overpower. This book was absolutely extraordinary. From the places he has traveled to hearing of his own life, you are sucked in from the beginning. I recommend this to anyone who is going into the healthcare field to learn more about the importance of care for the elderly. Such a good read!!

When breath becomes air by Paul Kalanithi, M.D. This book will spin your emotions! Being interested in Neuroscience myself, I read this book in two days; I could not put it down. Reading of a Physician in a patient role as well as his triumphs as a neurosurgeon resident, you won’t be able to stop reading! You’ll laugh and cry, but it will be by far a book that stays with you forever!

If neither of those fancy you, here are the three books I plan to read this summer!

The Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Doidge, M.D. This book was recommended to me by one of my neuroscience professors when we talked about brain plasticity! It’s full of stories of patients’ lives that were changed by the plasticity of their own brains! The back of the novel talks of a woman with half of a brain, finding ways to rewire itself became fully functioning! So excited for this read!

Confessions of a Surgeon by Paul A. Ruggieri, M.D. This book I found while trolling through my favorite book store! This general surgeon shares his successes and failures inside and outside of the O.R. He shares the secrets of what goes on in the O.R and the challenges that he faces. Wanting to go into surgery myself, this is something I cannot wait to read!

Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese This book was recommended by a fellow blogger. She had read this in medical school and said it is a must read! Unlike the books mentioned before, this is more of a novel read. Brothers who go through life with a shared passion for medicine! It takes place in Ethiopia, so I am interested to see the difference in the culture of medicine!

There you have it, a summer reading list for 2017. I’m starting with The Brain that Changes Itself this Friday! If you’re reading along, let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts and chat about the amazing field of Neuroscience! I’ll be posting my reading journey on Instagram so you can follow along!

Thanks for reading and of course Happy Reading <3

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