15 Day Happiness Challenge

Hello my lovely readers, so I am super excited to announce the start of my 15-day happiness challenge! I feel like this is something that so many people can benefit from so I am beyond happy that social media gives me a chance to share it with you!

Each day, there will be something to accomplish to better your mental health. Whether it be writing a thank you note or meditation, there is something for everyone. In turn, this will bring you happiness in your everyday life. Living happy is what it means to living a healthy lifestyle! So, let’s get started!

Day 1: Today we will start out with something small. When you wake up this morning, look at yourself in the mirror and smile. Whether your dreading work or simply just wanting to go back to bed, a smile can go a long way.

Day 2: Live out your day as any other day! Go to work or class, but today, try to be mindful of your life and surroundings. At the end of your day whether it be stressful or calm, write down three things you were thankful for today.

Day 3: Today when you wake up, find something in your home that brings you happiness. Whether it be an inspirational quote or a family member. Make a mental note of this item (or person) so you can look to them for an extra spark of happiness within this journey.

Day 4: Today write a thank you note. This can be to anyone of your choosing. Old or new, someone you feel that you always appreciated, but never had the time to show your real gratitude.

Day 5: Today try meditation. Meditation isn’t for everyone, but this gives you time to let out any frustration that you may have that day. Close your mind and breathe.

Day 6: Today reflect on your life so far. No matter how far into life you are, reflect on who you are and who you want to become. This can be emotional for some, but this reflection will open your mind and heart to the future and happiness to come. Just remember, you are in control of your own happiness. Think about your relationships and how to build them. Just reflect!

Day 7: Today create 3 short-term goals. Maybe it’s something you wish to accomplish this summer or upcoming year. Write down three goals that you know you can accomplish. With hard work and motivation, anything is possible!

Day 8: Today create 3 long-term goals: Anything you want to accomplish within the next few years, or even what you wish to accomplish in a lifetime. Having goals give purpose and purpose feeds your happiness!

Day 9: Today practice yoga: Did you really think we would get through 15 days without yoga? Yoga has changed my perspective and I am happier with the practice in my life.

Day 10: Today do a kind gesture for a stranger: Whether it be holding the door or paying for someone’s lunch in line behind you. Simply doing something kind for a stranger makes you grateful that you are able to do so.

Day 11: Today change the background on your phone to something that makes you smile. Every time your phone lights up, you’ll have something to smile about.

Day 12: Today, try only drinking water. I know this is going to be tough for me because I live for my morning coffee. But drinking ice-cold water can really wake you up and it’s good to cleanse every now and then. Take away the sugar stored in that diet soda or sweet tea.

Day 13: Today call a long distance relative. Just give them a call and let them know you’re thinking about them and you’re wishing them the best. Laughing with the people you love will always bring you happiness.

Day 14: Today call a long-distance friend. Keeping long distance relationships with your friends is the key to happiness. Knowing that you’re loved all around the world is an amazing feeling that everyone should have!

Day 15: Today reflect on these past 14 days. Was it the challenge that made you happier or the mindfulness of your life. Being grateful for what I have and the life I live has made me an all-around happier person. This is the key to living the life I always want to live. Although stress can sometimes overcome. I always remember that “I am in control of my own happiness.” Those words alone, create a happier and healthier me<3

So now that you have the outline of the next 15 days, are you willing to challenge yourself for a happier life? 

Hope you all enjoyed this challenge, follow me on social media to see my experience!  Use #adahappinesschallenge so I can follow along in your wonderful journey! 

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