You don’t have to starve: Collegiate eating for $30 a week!

If a college student understands anything, it would be that eating cheaply is a challenge. As a rising senior at a university and an avid writer, it has taken me a while to get into a routine of eating healthily while not breaking the bank. Here, I’ve written a couple samples of my grocery lists that keep me spending around $30 a week without having a rumbly tummy.  

(Note: I base all my pricing estimates on my experience shopping at Wal-Mart).

Week 1

Granola bars

*Pasta Salad

     Bowtie pasta
     Chopped bacon
     Fresh spinach
     Cherry tomatoes
     Italian dressing
Piece of whole fruit


     Sliced turkey
     Sliced cheese (optional—I’m lactose intolerant)
*Steamed vegetables  

* I make enough pasta salad on Sunday to last me through the week. This typically consists on one box of pasta, 8 pieces of bacon chopped, 2 cups of spinach, 1 cup of cherry tomatoes (halves), and dressing to taste.
* I love the Birds Eye brand. You pick up a bag of “steamable” veggies and it can be used as a side for two meals. I usually pick up about 2-3 bags of these bad boys.

 Week 2

*Kind Breakfast Bars

Pita Pockets

     stuffed with:
          chopped bell peppers
          ½ grilled chicken breast
          Greek dressing
          Chopped lettuce
Piece of whole fruit

Seared tilapia

“Steamable” veggies

*My favorite Kind breakfast bar flavor is Blueberry Almond (yum!).
*I’ve noticed that when I have a piece of toast on the side after I finish my meal, I feel full longer, and I do not crave things like chips and cookies later in the evening.

If you need smaller snacks throughout the day, I recommend getting a container of almonds or cashews because ¼ cup a day can last you a couple of weeks.

Not a nut person? No worries! Munch on some pretzels! They give you that salty flavor you crave without consuming the fats of potato chips.

I hope this helps you and your efforts to maintaining your budget without feeling like you have to go hungry! Good luck, precious people!


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