Stressed student smoothie recipe!

Hello my lovely readers, it feels like forever since I have been able to post on my blog! I’ve been missing it so much! My summer course literally took up all of my energy 24/7, I’m not sure how I even passed this course, but I got through it! I also had my bestie, from what feels like forever away, who was taking the course as well so we were able to go through it together and work through each step of the way.

That was so helpful because we could feel each others pain and gave each other the support that we both obviously needed! Having friends to support you in times of real stress is sooooo important because it helps you remember why you’re doing this in the first place and it really helped me push through until the end, plus I always have some great laughs with her and get to release some bundled-up endorphins!

I also had my amazing partner in crime here in chuck who would tutor me each week and we would also always go for a little swim in her new apartment! She was a chem major and is literally a genius so I was so grateful to have her!

It was really such a struggle to fill my body with nutritious foods while taking this class because I was also doing my research and was never home, but when I went back to Greenville I was able to find an amazing Acai bowl that is my new go to!

I also got this aloe vera water, that I was surprised with at first as to what it was, but it helps aid digestion and is good for your gut health so that was so so yum and fun to try something new!

During this time of crazy stress I was able to fit in this amazing smoothie that I am now hooked on! I took a recipe that I found online for a green smoothie and substituted some of my favorite things, so I hope you all enjoy it as well!

Here is the recipe:

1 small avocado (if you have a large one, I would only use half so the taste isn’t too overpowering)

½ cup of coconut milk (you can also use coconut water if you prefer!)

1 cup of frozen pineapple

½ frozen banana

Generous handful of spinach

You can add ice or water as you need, i found that adding a splash of water at the end really makes it more light, but this is literally my new fav breakfast smoothie. It’s soooooo green and delicious! Let me know if you try it in the comments below and if you love it!

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