Tips To Spice Up Your Résumé In College

I am meeting a professor this week to speak about a letter of recommendation she has agreed to write on my behalf. I knew when I originally asked that I did not want to send over my resume/personal statement/transcripts electronically. To me there is something unique in meeting someone in person to talk about your aspirations and goals rather than them reading your passion over email.

This is when I realized, I REALLY NEED TO SPICE UP MY RESUME!

My resume is just like any other college students. Name, contact info, where I go to school, expected grad date, etc…but before going pre-med all I really had under experience was the restaurant I worked at for the first year of college and that was so depressing. Honestly something I knew no professor or admission committee would take much interest in.

I had a friend ask me recently if a small side job she had at one point was worth putting on her resume. My initial thought was, sure! Why not? I mean what can it really hurt. The more I thought about it, the more I thought…If I was reading your resume for grad school or a job, would I really be interested in your time doing something totally unrelated? That’s when I started doing some research!

Yes, of course I mean Google!

I finally printed out my finished copy of my resume today and realized that although not every experience I have had is listed, that quality is so much better than quantity. My resume was boring to read and not appealing until I added the section that literally changed the game!


Adding this section to my resume changed the way I look at how qualified I am for any position or even applying to grad school. What committees really want to see is what you can bring to the position or school that you are applying to. For me, grad schools are not so much interested in the pizza place I worked at when I was 15, but they would love to see the number of hours spent volunteering at the local hospital or shadowing hours that helped me make the decision to want to become a physician. I really thought adding more would always be sending me in the right direction, but I have learned that less is better depending on the position.

Note: DON’T BE AFRAID TO CHANGE YOUR RESUME, obviously DON’T lie on it. Or add experiences you haven’t had. But don’t be afraid to highlight some of the more relevant experiences when applying for different things!

Whenever I apply for a job, the objective of my resume is “To obtain a job that will further enhance my knowledge in the medical field. One that could later benefit my success in becoming a physician.” Obviously, when I am applying to medical school, the objective of that resume is not to gain a position, but to become a student at that school. So alter based on who exactly you will be sending this resume to!

I have also learned not to be afraid to add activities and interests. Watching Netflix and hanging out with your puppy may be your favorite thing in the world, but obviously that will not benefit you in this case. Adding things that could make you stand out or show that your hard-working or different would be of use though! Adding that you love to write or film or even read may give a committee a little taste of who you are as a person and may make them more interested!

No matter what your experiences are or where you have been, committees just want to know that you are committed to this position or to becoming a student at their school. This needs to bleed through on your resume so you can shine who you are through a single sided sheet of paper. It seems tough and does take some time, but if you are 100% sure of where you want to end up, it’ll be worth it in the end!

Good luck to any of you applying for jobs or graduate school now or in the future! Keep you head up and keep shining!

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Talk to you soon! BYE <3

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