Studying for the MCAT (plus some tips & tricks)

Hey everyone! LIFE UPDATE!

The semester has started back and I have been so so busy. I am about to start to filling out applications for some graduate schools as well as preparing to take the MCAT, (ahhhhhhh)! It feels so surreal, talking about taking the MCAT and actually preparing for it are two completely separate worlds. With that being said, I won’t be posting as much in the next upcoming months, but I have some guest posts lined up so you guys will be able to visit my blog and see new content as well. YAY!

So before I even picked up a book to start studying for the MCAT I took a practice exam and yikes was my score nowhere chose to where I want it to be! BUT I am so so so so happy that I did this because the MCAT is a really scary and stressful exam because there are so many things you can be tested on and really no way to be 100% prepared.

But taking the exam in the beginning really calmed my nerves, because many of the questions I remembered learning years ago and they were recognizable, I just have to go back and relearn/refresh my memory on these concepts. There we’re also some things on there that I was completely lost on, but that’s what studying is for!


I thought I would share my studying story with you guys so anyone stressing about a big standardized exam won’t feel alone! I will let you know the ways that I am studying that are working best for me and which methods are most helpful in retaining the most information possible! I made a schedule for the next couple of months until I take the exam in January. I’ve heard the average person should study around 300 hours (yikes) for the MCAT exam so that is the backbone of my schedule. Since I am in the middle of the semester right now, I still have classes I need to focus heavily on as well so most of my studying will take place in December/January!

But as of now, I am using the Kaplan 7 book series and going through one subject every 2 weeks so that gives me time to study the harder topics, such as biochem and organic, when I have 24 hours a day to study in December!

Just a few tips I have for when you start to study for the MCAT or any standardized exam for that matter!

  • Make sure you are always quizzing yourself, do not simply read from these books. You won’t be actively studying and that’s what we’re aiming for!
  • Also take notes, I didn’t want to take notes at first because I already have the information in front of me. But some of the concepts I am fuzzy on or even the ones I know kind of well, I write them down because you have to repeat them back to yourself and put them into your own words which means you’re learning!
  • Draw pictures, tables, and diagrams to keep it interesting. I learned every structure of the human eye today just by forcing myself to draw it out and label all of the parts over and over without the book. Now I know them so well!
  • Make pneumonic devices. This is why I am really happy I went with the Kaplan study tools because in the chapters they give your pneumonics to use and study from if you can’t think of your own. I am definitely learning more because of them!
  • Last but not least, my motto, do not overwork yourself. Make time for yourself when you are studying. Take breaks and spend time with friends, make sure your mental health isn’t suffering while studying so hard. You will get there eventually and dominate the exam, so make sure you’re taking care of yourself!


Thanks so much for reading and I wish you the best of luck if you’re preparing for this grueling exam! Follow me on Instagram so we can stay connected! Happy Studying <3

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