How to avoid becoming overwhelmed this semester!

It’s already October, how is that possible! It feels the fall semester is flying by literally faster than I ever expected. I thought since I’ve been pretty overwhelmed lately that I would share some ways that I choose to de-stress and organize so I don’t get too overwhelmed when it seems assignments and exams are creeping up too quickly!

Make sure you’re writing everything down

I’ve already caught myself this semester missing a pre-lecture reading because I didn’t write down that we were starting a new chapter this week. That made me feel really behind in lecture because I was completely lost on the material! Also, it’s been proven that if you write it down, you’re more likely to remember it!

Talk to your professors to see where you are in the course

I felt like I was so far behind in my organic class because I took the first of the sequence over the summer and I felt a lot of my classmates just had more of a foundation than I did. When I went to talk to my professor, she reassured me that most students are pretty fuzzy on the old material and she assigns reading to refresh our memory before the exams. That made me feel SO MUCH BETTER. So, go and see where you stand so you’re not stressing if you don’t need to, and if you are behind, you’ll know where to go from there!

Keep organized

As we are getting closer to midterms for some, make sure you are keeping all of your notes and resources organized so when you are studying you can find everything. Nothing is more stressful than trying to find loose notes or worksheets that you need to be successful!

Study every day

Even if you don’t sit down for hours at a time to study for an exam, try to take at least 45 minutes a day to look over your notes from the day or the week even to make sure everything makes sense. If you learn it in lecture or the night of, you’re going to be able to study it before the exam instead of trying to relearn the material.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Find out about some of the resources you have on campus and use them! Some of the best help you can find in college are from peers who have already gone through it (sometimes even with the same professor) or tutors that know the material and are willing to share their tricks! 

Do some yoga or take a walk 

Physical activity is proven to enlarge your hippocampus which is responsible in learning and memory! This not only helps you learn, but also releases endorphins and betters your mental health!

Drink lots of water

Your body can never have enough water! You’ll feel better which will help you de-stress in the long run! 


Make sure you are taking care of yourself as well as striving academically! Thanks so much for reading, good luck with midterms and happy mid semester! <3 

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  1. Hi Jade!
    It’s nice saying that considering I’m Jade as well! 🙂

    Great tips! I’ll definitely use these!

    Thanks for the share!

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