My Productive Morning Routine!

Mornings can be such a drag especially if you are not a morning person like me, BUT with an awesome routine, it’s possible to be productive and enjoy your morning! Here is my newest routine that has been working so great for me, hopefully this can help in making your routine the best it can be! 


  • My alarm clock goes off. I normally press snooze until 5:30am. I am really bad about waking up the first time my alarm goes off.
  • I go straight to the kitchen and make myself a cup of coffee. I have a kuregg so the coffee only takes about a minute to brew. During this time, I give food and water to my little ball of sunshine Kyrie.
  • Once my coffee is done and I have added my French Vanilla creamer, which I do every morning (I literally can’t live without it), I usually sit on the couch and fill out my planner for the day. Depending on how busy your life is, or if you like to sleep in, you can fill out your planner the night before for what you need to do the next day, or if you’re like me and want to have all things fresh in your mind for the day, I fill mine out the morning of.
  • In this time, I also check my emails, website, and my school account just to make sure I am all up to date and to see if there is anything new.


  • I usually am done with my coffee and planner for the day by 5:45am so then I head downstairs to our apartment gym for a morning workout. I feel working out in the mornings is a lot easier than trying to work out at night. By the time I get home from work/school at night, I really just want to eat dinner and relax. I find it impossible to motivate myself to go any time after 5pm. Also, the gym is usually empty at this time so that is also a plus!


  • When I get home from the gym I always jump in the shower and then eat some breakfast before I get ready for the day. I like to watch some TV in the mornings while I eat breakfast. Usually just an episode of the office so I’m not lazy for too long.


  • On Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s at this time, I am getting ready to leave for work. I leave my house at 7:50 on work mornings because I have to be at work by 8:30am. On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s though, I still get ready at this time, but I don’t have to leave my house so I usually take my time.

8:00am on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s

  • I don’t have class until 10:50 on these days, so I usually have 2 hours of time in the mornings to catch up on some work. Depending on what assignments I have due, I will work projects, papers, practice problems, etc. during this time or read ahead for the classes I have that day.


  • By this time, I am getting ready to walk out the door and start my day!


So, there you have it, that is my newest morning routine. Depending on what I have going on that day really shapes what I do in the morning, but most of these common things stay the same!


Thanks for much for reading, hope this helps you build your most productive morning routine!

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