How to make the most of breaks in college!

What all college students live for: school breaks.

Whether they’re 4 days long or entire months between semesters, we will take all we can get.

We push ourselves so much during the semester, and can fall into the trap of dropping off during these days off, making getting into the next semester much harder than it has to be.

Even during these “days off” there are ways you can take care of yourself physically, mentally, and professionally, which will help you get into the habit of creating a meaningful life, not just an overly productive semester.

Breaks are a great time to align (or realign) yourself with your goals, and set yourself up for success, not matter what your goals are.

Here are the keys to a well-rounded, refreshing break.

This is a guest post from my newest friend Julia from Julia Does, learn more about her at the bottom of this post!


Talk to your friends

One of the hardest things about school (possibly) is being away from your friends and family. Take time back at home to the ones you love. Share your stories, vent, and let them vent. Clear your mind of any school junk that might be in your head.

Keep a journal/planner

Breaks are a good time to get into the habit of writing in a planner while you have a little less stress. Writing about your day is one of the best things you can do for your mind.

Organize your school supplies

One thing that can build up during the semester is random stuff in your backpack. Every once in a while it’s a good idea to clean it out and reset. Breaks are perfect for this!

Pursue your hobbies – or start a new one

The best part about having some time off is being able to pursue your creative outlets that you may not get to do at school. Don’t have a hobby? Try a few out while you have the time and maybe discover something you love.

Learn an instrument

I think learning an instrument is one of the best hobbies to pick up. The benefits are endless, and there is always more to learn.


Exercise a little more

A lot of us struggle with getting enough physical activity during the semester. (If you’re like me on that, check out Jade’s post on how to stay healthy during the semester!)


The practice of stretching is so good for your body and mind. It forces you to slow down, and pay attention to how your body feels. Try creating a morning stretching routine. It will help get your blood flowing and make you feel ready to take on the day.


Apply for an internship

Internships are important, but they can sneak up on you fast. To get a spring or summer internship, you often have to apply in the fall. If you’re not sure about an internship you might want, start researching what is available in your area. If you see something interesting, go after it!

Take a winter/summer class

I almost always take advantage of break classes. It’s a great way to catch up with or get ahead on your course load. And, taking only one class is a good way to keep your mind active and you in the habit of working, without creating burnout.

Study abroad

Not the easiest, but definitely one of the best ways to spend a school break. Especially during the winter and summer, if you can, take the opportunity to study abroad! This is great if you’re concerned about falling behind in your courses. Going abroad during a break is great and doesn’t take up your class time.


Thanks so much for reading guys! Check out the author below vvvvvvvvv

Hi, I’m Julia! I write over at Julia Does about tips for living intentionally, sustainably, and successfully. I currently study Environmental Policy at Binghamton University.

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