The Key To Healthy Living? Happiness!

No matter how many times any of us try to lose weight, we usually fail over and over again because sticking to a brand new routine is easier said than done!

It doesn’t matter how dedicated you are to lose weight because sooner or later, we all slip back into our old ways, whether that be ordering pizza for a night in, or eating one too many pieces of chocolate when it’s not a cheat day.

But why is that?

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Why do we make these drastic changes to our lifestyle, only to stick with them for a couple of days or weeks before we ultimately sink back into our lazy and unhealthy lifestyle?

The key words here are “drastic changes”.

Small sustainable changes are so so important

One of the main reasons why we sink back into our old habits is because we’re not happy with our new routines. When you’re happy, you’ll stick with something–it’s as simple as that.

People don’t like chowing down on tofu and salad when they’re used to red meats and cheesy pasta (or at least I don’t). It’s a huge change that demands a lot of mental fortitude, and most people aren’t ready or cut out for those big, drastic lifestyle changes.

Instead, what I have chosen to do, which has brought me so much happiness is focusing on small changes that keep you happy and trying new recipes like this avocado sweet potato toast, you can find the recipe here!

Do you love loading your fries with cheese? Consider cutting down the portions slightly or using low-fat cheese instead, it makes all the difference. Consider alternatives like a baked potato with some toppings instead of fries, or maybe swap out the cheese for a salad instead.

It’s all about making compromises that you are happy with and slowly making changes to your life.

To help you out with your dietary changes, consider supplements like multivitamins, fish oil capsules, Tongkat Ali root extract or even green tea tablets. These all come with fantastic benefits that can be great for you if you remove certain unhealthy sources of nutrients.

For example, if you’re used to getting protein from bad sources such as bacon, then you can switch to leaner meats and then consider a protein shake to follow it up.

Happiness in the exercise you do (or don’t do)

Not everyone likes to burn their bodies working out. Unless you’re a bodybuilder or an athlete, sweating at your home gym isn’t exactly the ideal way to spend most of your time.

It’s really tough to go from relaxing in your living room to pulling out a mat to do some sit-ups. But did you know that being healthy is not all about how much or little you do strenuous exercise? (Sounds crazy, but hear me out)

Losing weight is all about being more active, whether that be strenuous exercise or not. Intense exercise can help you improve your body, sure, but if you don’t have time for it as much as you’d like or if you feel like you take too much time out of your schedule to do it, then you can resort to other methods of exercise. Such as being more active around the house, going on longer walks with your dog, or changing how you commute to work.

Don’t force yourself to sweat at a gym if you don’t enjoy the environment or find that the pressure of being in front of others is too overbearing. Instead, focus on what makes you comfortable, but still gets your heart rate up and moving.

Your own positivity and happiness will help you to find that exercise can come naturally instead of being forced. 

Thanks so much for reading guys! I hope with your weight loss/healthy living journey that you remember to find happiness and live the best life you can!

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