How To: Say Goodbye To The Fitness Plateau

Do you currently feel like your fitness is plateauing? In other words, are you in a bit of a workout rut? Don’t worry if you are; many fitness fans often feel like this and find that their fitness can very easily plateau.

I sometimes feel like I’m not improving at all and that my weight loss starts to level off. It can be very demotivating for anyone, even all of the professional athletes.

But don’t start to panic if you start to find this happening to you – there are quite a few ways you can boost your workouts and fitness routine to say goodbye to the fitness plateau for good. Here are some tips to get you started:

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Mix Things Up

One of the main reasons that our fitness levels start to level up is because we don’t shake up our fitness routines often enough. So, it’s a good idea to take a look at your schedule and see what you can change to improve it.

For instance, if you are currently just doing cardio workouts, you should try and add in some strength exercises as well. This ensures that you are getting a great all-round workout. You should also mix up the intensity and length of each workout so that you can keep your body on its toes.

Watch What You Eat

Don’t forget that your diet will be having a big impact on the quality of your workouts and even your performance. So, if you think that you haven’t been performing quite as well as you should have recently, the answer could lie in what you are eating.

If what you’re eating isn’t working into your fitness journey, try something new. I tried Poke for the first time and I absolutely love it!

If you are doing a lot of cardio in your workouts, you need to make sure that you are fuelling your body with plenty of carbohydrates. Protein is also necessary as this is what the body uses to grow and heal itself. If you get plenty of protein and carbs in your diet, your workouts should greatly improve.

Track All Your Progress

Even if you aren’t working towards a specific fitness goal and are just exercising to get healthier and fitter, you should still track your progress. After all, you might not be going through a plateau – it could just be in your head! By keeping track of your workouts, you’ll be able to see patterns and figure out if there really is something that needs to be improved.

Drink Up

One other thing that could be affecting your workouts is your daily liquid intake. Ideally, you need to drink around two gallons of water each day. (Harder said than done)

That doesn’t include coffee and tea! If you are planning on doing some intense workouts, you might need to increase the amount of water you are taking in. Once you have gotten used to drinking enough, you will find that your workouts become more effective and your performance also improves.

Hopefully, using all of the tips in this blog post can really help you to say goodbye to your fitness plateau for good! Thanks so much for reading <3

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