The best version of yourself – is here and now!

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It’s always difficult to try and improve ourselves. Often, we give so much of ourselves that it can feel like a herculean effort to give even more. No matter what you’re trying to accomplish in life – pursuing further education, raising a family, or adventuring around the world, it can pay to know that you always have the ability to do more, even if you do not currently feel like it.

This is not to say that you should do more and run yourself into exhaustion, of course, but that you should never feel limited by your own hesitancy to improve. The best version of yourself is here right now. Understanding that fact can give you a wonderful sense of autonomy and willingness to become the best woman/ or man possible. Here’s how:

Always Refer To Your Heroes

It’s important to know exactly who your heroes are so you can emulate their best qualities. Finding inspiration from them is something that can help you get through the hardest days, turning them into days to be proud of.

Referring to your heroes and learning their story can help you feel that extra sense of a drive for accomplishment. You might be inspired by their method, their persona, their attitude or their ability to overcome the odds.

It might be that you respect someone in office like a politician such as Michelle Reagan, or you care deeply about the avenues of change your favorite singer/artist finds important to explore. It doesn’t matter the reason, as long as you feel connected to the person and their message.

Always Consider Your Best Action

In the book ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ written by neurologist/psychiatrist and Auschwitz survivor Viktor E. Frankl, he writes about the willingness to consider your best action. This really means trying to view everything through the lens of your best self, and then considering it possible.

The ‘what if I made the best of this event/situation?’ attitude is a reflex, and it opens that possibility up to you. Often we go through life reacting to events through the path of least resistance in our personality. This might mean gossiping or simple letting tiredness overcome you.

Frankl suggests that if we base all our reactions as if we have lived our lives already making the wrong choices, and are now coming back to correct all our actions with the utmost best of intentions, it can help us develop this attitude of willingness. This can help us be better, and make the best version of ourselves a reality.

Consider Time

It’s always easy to rest in the present needs, wants and desires we have. This is good. Staying in the present is useful.

However, remember that you’re being watched in the hopes of your past self, and the memories of your future self. Looking towards the now for following your hopes and aspirations and also being proud of yourself in the future can help you make difficult decisions, take risks, and generally try to squeeze the most optimistic and disciplined attitude of life you can muster.

With these tips, you will often find yourself excellently prepared for the habits of a highly achieving businesswoman, and you will be a better person as a result. I’m working on this now, and to any of you who are trying to make the best version of yourself, good luck!

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