Piecing your life back together after a setback!

When trouble strikes in one form or another, and our expectations and comfort zones in life are really violated dramatically, it can often seem that our reality is unravelling at high-speed.

In such trying times, things tend to fall apart — or at least, they feel as though they are falling apart — and it can be really difficult trying to figure out where all the pieces are, and how they should best be put back together again.

All of these issues can perhaps seem even harder to deal with if we are confronted with health problems which require a powerful intervention such as therapy or even sometimes medication assisted treatment.

Nonetheless, here are some suggestions for how you can begin piecing your life back together after a difficult experience and come out on top!

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Begin doing “something” as soon as possible

At the nearest possible opportunity, you should begin doing things, doing something, doing anything, in order to regain control over your life. Not to mention, developing a certain routine can help to elevate you above your own challenges that you may be facing.

An interesting story I’ve learned about overcoming challenges is that some World War 2 veterans, upon returning home with severe PTSD, found that staying active as much as possible was key to their recovery. One of the stories I remember reading out vividly was a returning veteran who essentially reintegrated himself into normal society by starting various DIY building and gardening projects around his property.

For you, whatever it is you feel like doing, you have to avoid sitting around doing nothing, because it will only fuel negative emotions, rumination, and a sense of despair, hopelessness, and lack of control.

Even if you are confined to a bed, which tends to be the case if you’ve had health problems or are in an environment that you cannot control. However, you could begin writing notes for a novel on a laptop, or begin a blog. Just be proactive and start doing as much “stuff” as you can, as soon as you’re ready.

Remove the unnecessary clutter from your life

One of the major issues with a personal crisis is that it can lead to a sense of all-consuming chaos and inability to properly control your life.

One of the worst things you can do if you find yourself in this state is to allow yourself to sit around in a messy environment. Without tackling the clutter and “trimming the fat” where it can be trimmed, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Beginning with a serious and committed clean-up of your home or apartment is an great way to begin restoring order to your life. Not just that, it’s also a great way of reducing some of the uncertainty in your life. This is really important in a time when you most need a bit of space to breathe and think.

The simple fact is that the more “stuff” we have in our immediate environments, the more our minds perceive the world around us as unpredictable. If you’re struggling, or have been struggling, with some difficult experience in your life, the last thing you need is extra sources of stress, real or perceived.

Focus on a main activity or hobby to invest your energy in

Keeping busy, in general, is a fantastic way of regaining a sense of control and wellbeing following a difficult experience. Also, beginning focusing on a specific target, hobby, or goal, is a fantastic way of returning or strengthening a sense of overall purpose within your life.

People naturally crave a sense of progress in all that they do in life. It has actually been suggested by psychologists that the pursuit of a valued goal, and the progress towards such a goal, is one of the primary sources of happiness in your life. We all feel a sense of achievement when we complete a goal which gives us a feeling of euphoria.

In fact, a sense of progressing towards a valued goal seems to be more closely associated with happiness than, for example, having lots of money does.

When your life seems as though it’s been turned upside down, you need to stay busy, and you need to regain your sense of control over things. However, don’t forget to try and regain a sense of worthwhile purpose and feeling good about moving closer towards achieving.

Your hobby or “key activity” could be anything, really. It could be getting your degree, or writing your short story, or working out every day. The key is that it should be a thing that you value, that you would be excited to achieve, and that can become the main focus of your free time and energy.

Investigate calming practices such as meditation

For all the ways in which the world can stress us out virtually beyond the point of comprehension, there are as many ways that we make things worse for ourselves through constant negative thinking or ruminating on self-destructive thoughts.

To counteract such self-sabotaging behaviours, and to find some relief from the stresses of life, it is a great idea to explore tried and tested relaxation strategies such as mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness meditation can be achieved by anyone, as it simply relies on directing your attention to a specific focus, and then gently returning it to the focus as your thoughts inevitably wander in other directions.

Researchers have identified many potential benefits to keeping up a regular mindfulness meditation practice, including the fact that meditation appears positively associated with improved mood, better stress control, and even improved learning and creative thinking.

Mindfulness meditation is also a great opening for exploring more mindful living, and for learning how to engage with our immediate experiences in life in a positive and productive way, rather than getting caught up in our thoughts about things.

In addition to mindfulness meditation, practices such as painting, light exercise, and reflecting on inspiration quotes can all contribute to a greater sense of calm and clarity.

Try out these ways to piece your life back together and just START! Thanks for reading!!

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