15 Ways to Practice Self-Care

Self-care is a trendy buzzword in our world. People are constantly talking about how important it is to take care of oneself. The brutal reality is: it’s not easy to take care of yourself, but it is possible. Here are 15 ways that you can practice self-care and start feeling better now!

  1. Meditation – One way to cope with the stress of what’s happening in your world is to take a moment to quiet your mind. Take 20 minutes a day and shut out the outside world.
  2. Set Boundaries – You want to be there for the people you love, but not at the expense of your own mental health. It’s okay to say “no,” when you can’t help someone.
  3. Treat Yourself- Eat chocolate, get a manicure, a haircut, a new outfit, or go out to dinner solo. You are allowed to do something entirely for you. Reward yourself, especially when life gets you down.
  4. Self-Compassion – Speaking of kindness, be kind to you. When you feel down have compassion for yourself just as you would for a friend.
  5. Turn off Electronics – Shut your phone off, step away from the computer and put your tablet in the closet. Clear your head without those distractions.
  6. Read a Book – Self-care doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as picking up a good book and reading. Reading can be a great distraction and a way to simulate your mind.
  7. Do What You Love – Time to break out those knitting needles if you like to knit, go skateboarding, bake brownies or get out there and go rock climbing. Find what you love and do it!
  8. Go to Therapy – Talking with a counselor or therapist is freeing and makes you feel better. A licensed counselor cares about you and wants to see you achieve your dreams. 
  9. Call a Friend – When you’re feeling sad, anxious or alone one of the best things you can do is reach out to someone who cares about you. Call a friend and share your feelings with them.
  10. Spend Time With a Pet –Spend time walking your dog or playing with your cat. Animals often know when we’re sad and they can be comforting and supportive to us.
  11. Sing in The Shower – Singing is a great form of release. When you feel frustrated, sad, angry or even happy you can belt out a song. Singing in the shower is a lot of fun because the acoustics are fantastic and there’s no one there to judge you.
  12. Take a Bath – Turn on some warm water, add some bubbles and relax in the tub by yourself. You can put on some music or listen to the sounds of the water splashing.
  13. Eat Your Favorite Meal – Whether it’s steak, grilled cheese, pizza or tacos, eat your favorite food and enjoy it! You can cook it or order in. Whatever works for you!
  14. Watch a Funny Movie – Humor can get you through some hard times. Turn on a funny movie or a show that’ll make you laugh.
  15. Take a Break – We live in a world where people are constantly on the go. It’s so important to take breaks for our mental health. Whether you take a walk, a 20-minute nap or do some stretches, these are all great ways to reset your mind.

Try some of these self-care tips and see if you start to feel better about you!

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