How Seeking Professional Help Can Benefit You

I haven’t had a lot of time since starting my new job to update the blog, but I am super excited to come at you guys today with something I am insanely passionate about. I recently graduated and began working on clinical trials full-time. As part of my training, I have been doing a lot of observation on each of the studies we currently have to learn each of the protocols and why they vary.

Even in just a few weeks I have learned so much and gained so much knowledge about how our brain works, both with how we crave addictive substances and how this affects our mental well-being.

I’ve always known that reaching out for help, whether it be rehabilitative services or to a mental health professional, is very beneficial to the person in need, but with beginning this job, it’s really sealed this idea into my brain. It’s sometimes hard to see how we can benefit from things when we have never tried or we can sometimes be nervous of what others may think of us, but I am a firm believer in that “you only fail, if you don’t try.”

Furthermore, here are some ways that seeking help can be beneficial to you:

If you’re struggling with an addiction, seeking help can have a positive impact on not only your mental health, but your physical health. Your brain can easily atrophy with substance abuse and this can have long-term effects. Also, we want to make sure we are always putting good and natural things into our bodies and addictive substances are like poison, this puts your body in survival mode, and it is working 10 times harder to keep your body functioning how it should be.

If you’re struggling with your mental health, seeking a professional is beneficial in more ways than one. Just the pure act going to your psychiatrist and reporting your progress can release dopamine in your brain. It’s been shown that the anticipation of a reward is more beneficial to your brain than the actual reward you receive when you hear a “great job.”

One thing we can never forget is that science is always progressing. No matter what you’re going through in life, whether it be mental health, substance abuse, or a physical deterrent, there is more than likely a current study going on around you that you’re eligible for. Not only does our lab work with addiction, there are stroke studies and movement disorder studies as well (And we are a single lab).

If you’re seeking help and haven’t been able to yet find something that works for you, try a clinical study. You can benefit from new innovative techniques that have yet to be used regularly, not because they are dangerous, but because we need solid data to prove they are useful for the general population.

Not only do many people find relief and the help that they need in some of these studies, but clinical trials/pre-clinical trials pay you to be a participant. You’re finding help in a new and inventive way and you’re gaining some cash along the way.

When seeking professional help, never forget that a mixture of things can benefit you more than you think. If you’re struggling with depression, talk to your psychiatrist, but also look for a study that is using a new way to stimulate your brain. If you’re struggling with substance abuse, find rehabilitation to help you quit and find a study that pays you to participate.

You can learn a lot about yourself when you seek help and find the right people to help you do so. If you’re looking for studies in your area you can go to

I hope whatever you’re struggling with, you find a way to benefit from the help you receive because there is so much out there, we should take advantage of it!

Thanks so much for reading guys! Until next time <3

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