12 Things Students Need When They Go Off To College

Getting ready to send your kids off to college? Coming from a recent college graduate, here are some of the most important things/things I could NOT have survived my first semester of college without!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the product links I will receive a percentage!1. Coffee Mugs-both ceramic and on the go mugs! It saves so much time and money to make coffee in your dorm or apartment to take with you on the go to class, or to drink during a late-night study session.
Soft throw blanket-nothing helps you to relax and de-stress than a really cozy blanket! It sometimes serves as a comfort blanket as well.

3. Comfy hoodies- as much as every student thinks they will get fully dressed for every class, it’s just not possible. Hoodies are a life saver!4. Stress Balls- it wasn’t until I was halfway through my freshman year where I realized that self-care was so important to a successful college career. My brain shaped stress ball helped me relax every time I was frustrated about a concept that I couldn’t understand or a problem I couldn’t solve.

5. Non-perishable snacks- goldfish, granola bars, crackers, chocolate, tea, gum, soup, fruit snacks, etc.

6. Sticky notes- my freshman dorm was covered in them! It helped to remind me of due dates, and things that I would have otherwise forgot.

7. Reusable water bottles- save the planet people!!

8. A white board/calendar- white boards are very helpful for visual learners, and if you buy a white board calendar, your student can keep up with their due dates and assignments per week without wasting paper!9. A reading lamp- having a small light/lamp is so important because roommates hate when the light is on all night. It’s easier to continue to study when no one is bothered by it!

10. Picture frames- fill them with photos of the family or friends!11. Extra chargers (phone/laptop/ipad/etc.)- these ALWAYS come in handy. Doesn’t matter how responsible your student may think they are, chargers get left everywhere. The library, class, coffee shops, etc.

12. A shower mat –doesn’t matter how nice or clean the freshman dorm/apartment is, you never know how many people have lived in the unit before. A shower matt is a must!

Hope this list is helpful for sending your student off to college for the first/or last time! These are all the items that are a MUST for the beginning of the year. If you’re looking to send a care package to keep your student happy mid-semester/before finals, check out my post 18 Things Students Actually Want in Their College Care Package!

Happy Saturday!

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