10 Self-Care Items Every Millennial Needs

As many of you know, self-care has been a huge topic in our society today because mental health is finally being talked about. Many of us, including myself, step away from responsibilities and stress every once in a while and spend time focusing on our own care. Because it is so so important!

Since I recently took a mental-health day away from work, I wanted to share some of my favorite self-care items. I don’t know how I would live without always having these items on hand.

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So furthermore, here are 10 self-care items every millennial needs:
Fuzzy blanket:

Whether you want to spend your day curled up on the couch reading a good book or stay in bed all morning, nothing is better than comfort. I take my throw blanket around with me everywhere in my house, it’s my safe place.

Ceramic mugs:

I’m a huge green tea lover and cannot live without all types of different mugs. Just something about the feeling or warm tea in a ceramic mug to make me feel zen. 

Bullet journal:

I started using my bullet journal to keep track of chores, fitness, gratitude, ect. But now I use it for almost everything I do. Taking time to journal about your thoughts and your life as a whole really helps you to see the bigger picture and whats most important to you.  

Potted plant:

Having to care for a plant gives a sense of responsibility that I love. I also love adding color into my home!

Bubble bath:

How great is a bubble bath after a long day? If you’re every stressed, eager, annoyed, or feeling sad, try taking a bath and clearing your mind. For me, it works every time.

Scented candles:

I love filling my home with different smells and having a home full of candles is perfect for that. Also look at all of these cute designs that can add some color to any place!

Face masks:

Some of my favorite masks are from Sephora. The rose in particular is so refreshing that I never want to take it off!

Good books:

This is one of my absolute favorites. It’s a medical mystery and talks a lot about the differences in mental health and how we view people struggling with it. There is an internal debate against the way a psychiatrist looks at symptoms and the way a neurologist sees the same symptoms. Very good book for anyone going into medicine. I finished this book in a day, so so good!

Essential oils:

You can add essential oils to almost everything. I started using them by putting a little dab on my pillow at night. I have a lavender stress relief and I love it so so much!

Coloring book for adults

Especially when you want to take some time away from the world and focus on your inner artist, this is such a fun way to do it. What I love about this company is that the coloring books are so cheap, less than $5!!

Well there you have it, those are some of my favorite self-care items to always have on hand. If you’re struggling with self-care and need to reach out to someone, try searching the web where you can talk to someone from the comfort of your own home. Comment below with some of your favorites!!

Happy Tuesday!

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