About me

Welcome to Aspiring Doc Advice, thanks so much for coming by to see my page! Now that you’re here, here is a little bit about me!!

My name is Jade and I grew up in Greenville, South Carolina where I lived until I graduated high school. When I was accepted to the College of Charleston I moved to an amazing city that I now call home <3 I originally started out as an accounting major and I enjoyed it at first. It wasn’t until later that I realized that I spent two whole years of my life studying something that I was not at all passionate about. My spring semester of my sophomore year I was lost, I had always loved to volunteer and flirted with medicine, but never really thought it was a possibility.

So I started doing some research and learned about a program that let you observe in a clinical setting and get lots of patient interaction. From day one of starting the program, I fell in love with medicine. This was when I decided to change my major to Psychology and go pre-med. I’m now a graduate of the College of Charleston and in the beginning of my gap year and trying to absorb as much as I can along the way.

On this page, you’ll see everything from college/post-college, lifestyle, and just some of my thoughts overall. I love to write and share my life experiences so you will find a lot of that here. 

When I am not stressing about getting into my dream school…I really enjoy reading, binging netflix, crocheting, & spending time with my amazing boyfriend!

I have a coffee addiction and have no shame! I am also truly obsessed with my cat, Kyrie, and my cute little pup, Lou. They bring me true happiness! <3

I started reading blogs years ago and fell in love. So here I am now! I’m starting this blog now as a college/lifestyle blog, but I hope to keep up with it so my readers can follow my story through my medical path. I hope I can help anyone who wishes to pursue the amazing field of medicine! So that’s my story! If you’re reading, send me an email, I would love to read about you too!