Time management tips for students!

Doesn’t it feel like the start of each semester you have it all together? You’re understanding what’s going on in all your classes, you’re keeping up on your sleep, and eating a lot better than you did over the break. Then you blink an eye and it feels like you’re failing 4 out of your 5 classes, you haven’t slept in 2 days, and you’ve actually gained 5 pounds. You feel guilty for even breathing because you could be doing homework. I know what it’s like!! But I have found a way to manage my time (enough at least) to relieve some of the unnecessary stress and wanted to share what tips I have with you!

Mapping out your day will save your life and your GPA. One of my most daily used items is my planner, every college student should have one. I repeat EVERY COLLEGE STUDENT SHOULD HAVE ONE! I would recommend something that

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You never know who you’ll meet!

Happy Saturday!

I am back in Greenville and I had quite an experience this morning that I wanted to share with you guys!

So I stayed with a friend last night who works in the hospital so she had to leave her house at 5:30 this morning. Since I was already awake and couldn’t go back to sleep I thought I would go and get some breakfast. Turns out, the only thing open at 5:30 on a Saturday morning is McDonalds. I stayed healthy though and got a parfait rather than a biscuit! (Remember, where ever you go, you can find a healthy option)!!

Anyways, I pulled my computer out to work on my website and a man approached me asking about my MacBook and how I liked it. I thought he may have worked for apple customer service or wrote reviews or something along those lines. Turns out he just loves apple products!

He showed me all types of neat things I can do with my computer! We got to talking and it turns out he has 5 degrees, WOW! Bachelors, two masters, and two doctorate degrees! He is now a writer and reviews student’s dissertations. I also found out that he was an educator for over 30 years and was a principle at the high school I attended. How crazy!

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First Blog!

Hello everyone!!

Thanks so much for taking your time to check out my new blog! I’m so excited! I’ve always wanted to start a blog, but never knew what to write about. I wanted to make sure it was something all my readers could relate to and could benefit each of you in some way. So I’m choosing to give tips and tricks on how to survive college (at least the first three years)! I’ll also be posting some lifestyle posts every now and then!

As a freshman, I was so confused. It took me two whole years to commit to being a pre-med! How did they expect us to get good grades, make friends, stay healthy, get internships, extra curriculars, ect. ect. ect??? I was so lost then, but I am right where I need to be now. I have experienced so much and have so much knowledge that I wish I had when I was first starting out. I hope that by sharing it with you, I can help in some way!

So since it’s the start of the new semester for my fellow classmates, I have 5 tips on how to get ahead the first two weeks of classes:

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