Balancing a Part-Time Job in College

One of the most challenging things while being a full-time student is of course spending the time needed to study for each class to make the grades we want. In addition to that, we have assignments, class, volunteer roles, and a social life to maintain. If all of that isn’t enough, many students take on a part-time job. Trying to balance it all can seem a bit overwhelming, but here are some things I have done/do that help me to manage my time and balance a life that I love!

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Remembering to practice self-love

With a new semester starting, it can be hard to go from having a full winter break to back into school mode. Maybe you’ve started a new course that is supposed to be really difficult, or maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the different clubs and organizations you’re in.

No matter what the reason, it’s really important to dedicate some time to self-care and self-love.

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How to make the most of breaks in college!

What all college students live for: school breaks.

Whether they’re 4 days long or entire months between semesters, we will take all we can get.

We push ourselves so much during the semester, and can fall into the trap of dropping off during these days off, making getting into the next semester much harder than it has to be.

Even during these “days off” there are ways you can take care of yourself physically, mentally, and professionally, which will help you get into the habit of creating a meaningful life, not just an overly productive semester.

Breaks are a great time to align (or realign) yourself with your goals, and set yourself up for success, not matter what your goals are.

Here are the keys to a well-rounded, refreshing break.

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