Taking Care Of Your Mental Health In College

When I chose to change my major from business to psychology, I never realized a whole new world was being introduced to me. From learning about why people lie, to what people will do for love, you really learn about how we ,as humans, think and make decisions.

One of the most interesting courses I took at the college was my abnormal psychology course. We learned about all scales of mental health disorders and the many ways individuals choose to approach them. One of the biggest and most saddening aspects of mental health is the social stigma that is associated with them.

For anyone out there struggling with mental health and is hesitant in seeking help because of what others might think, here are some tips and resources for you. Because taking care of your mental health is so important for a living happy and healthy life.

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Balancing a Part-Time Job in College

One of the most challenging things while being a full-time student is of course spending the time needed to study for each class to make the grades we want. In addition to that, we have assignments, class, volunteer roles, and a social life to maintain. If all of that isn’t enough, many students take on a part-time job. Trying to balance it all can seem a bit overwhelming, but here are some things I have done/do that help me to manage my time and balance a life that I love!

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