All about my neuroscience research!

These past few months volunteering in the research lab at MUSC have been crazy! I have learned so much and experienced so many new things! Although, before I was a volunteer, but I was offered a PAID position which I am so excited about!

I get a lot of questions about the research I’m doing and why it’s so important. So here is a broad outline of what we’re doing!

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Save money, eat at home!

I love going out to eat as much as the next person, but going to the grocery store and eating at home is so much more rewarding!

You hear all the time to go grocery shopping because it’s cheaper, but sometimes when you shop it doesn’t feel that way! Well I actually went through my checking account this month and compared it to a random month over the summer and I want to share with you how much I really did save by eating at home!

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