You don’t have to starve: Collegiate eating for $30 a week!

If a college student understands anything, it would be that eating cheaply is a challenge. As a rising senior at a university and an avid writer, it has taken me a while to get into a routine of eating healthily while not breaking the bank. Here, I’ve written a couple samples of my grocery lists that keep me spending around $30 a week without having a rumbly tummy.  

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15 Day Happiness Challenge

Hello my lovely readers, so I am super excited to announce the start of my 15-day happiness challenge! I feel like this is something that so many people can benefit from so I am beyond happy that social media gives me a chance to share it with you!

Each day, there will be something to accomplish to better your mental health. Whether it be writing a thank you note or meditation, there is something for everyone. In turn, this will bring you happiness in your everyday life. Living happy is what it means to living a healthy lifestyle! So, let’s get started!

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