How to: Use a Journal to Reduce Anxiety

Journals are wonderful places to express your feelings. Whether you’re having a day where you feel happy about the way your life is going or having a down moment, you have a place to share that: your journal.

A journal can be anything from a simple composition notebook to an artsy spiral bound diary that you purchased in a quirky shop. The goal of your personal journal is to make it a comfortable space where you can share the innermost parts of yourself. And this is the main reason I began using mine.

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Remembering to practice self-love

With a new semester starting, it can be hard to go from having a full winter break to back into school mode. Maybe you’ve started a new course that is supposed to be really difficult, or maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the different clubs and organizations you’re in.

No matter what the reason, it’s really important to dedicate some time to self-care and self-love.

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