Secrets to defeating procrastination!

Most of us are guilty of embarrassingly turning in an assignment late, or submitting at 11:58 when it’s due at 11:59. We procrastinate not because we are incapable of doing something, but because we would rather be doing anything else! I still procrastinate some small assignments here and there, but here are some tips that I use that have really helped me to stay on top of things so my to-do list doesn’t grow long!

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5 things I learned when I switched to a science major

Staying late in the library comes naturally: As we speak it is 1:30am on a Tuesday night and I am just finishing up my work for the night and writing this post. If that doesn’t explain itself, I’m not sure what will.

Labs are no joke: When you register for classes, two labs in one semester doesn’t seem all that bad. That is until you leave your house at 7:30am for research, leave at 11 to go to work. Class is at 2:30 and then finally at 3:20 on a Monday, you think you’re done and can’t wait to relax. But then you remember you have lab at 4:30pm and it will most likely take all 3 hours. These are the Monday’s I never imagined I would have, until I switched to a science major.

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How to avoid test anxiety and added stress!

Check out my video on how to avoid some added stress and anxiety when taking exams!

A week before to the night before:
1. Make sure you study plenty of time in advance. Study the material in chunks so you can make sure you have retained it all and are prepared for the exam!
2. Make sure you get a good nights sleep the night before, meaning no cramming. Get a good breakfast and do some last-minute studying in the morning.
3. Make sure you talk to your professors to see exactly how they make the exams. It could be very helpful in the end.

The day of the exam:
1. Get to the exam early so you’re not rushing in, this adds stress to you!
2. Make sure you don’t get stuck on one question, if you get stumped make sure you move on! Go back to it at the end so you don’t run out of time and miss questions that you actually do know!
3. Don’t underestimate trick questions! Make sure you read each of the questions carefully so you don’t lose points over a simple mistake!

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