Tips and Tricks to Reduce Stress

Stress can impact your mind and body. Symptoms of stress can include headaches, heart palpitations, racing thoughts or extreme muscle tension.   There are simple ways to manage your stress levels and prevent you from burning out. Your mental health matters, whether you’re a young professional, a college student or a new mom, you need to be mindful getting stressed out and take care of yourself. Focus on what you can control and practice these tips:

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How Seeking Professional Help Can Benefit You

I haven’t had a lot of time since starting my new job to update the blog, but I am super excited to come at you guys today with something I am insanely passionate about. I recently graduated and began working on clinical trials full-time. As part of my training, I have been doing a lot of observation on each of the studies we currently have to learn each of the protocols and why they vary.

Even in just a few weeks I have learned so much and gained so much knowledge about how our brain works, both with how we crave addictive substances and how this affects our mental well-being.

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