Smoothie, Smoothie, Research?!

Today was an eventful day as I am finally all set up to start my research in the College of Medicine, Neuroscience department! I am so excited to get started doing research on drug addiction. Although, I have never worked with rats before so I am a little nervous. But my excitement overpowers!

To get me through my busy days, I started making these awesome smoothies in the mornings! They keep me so energized throughout the day!

The recipe is so simple, here it is:

15 frozen strawberries

1/4 cup of milk

1/4 cup of oats

1/2 cup of Greek yogurt (if desired)

1 scoop of protein powder (if desired)

I always choose to add the Greek yogurt because I usually would have a cup of yogurt for breakfast, but now I get the yogurt and the health benefits of the oats. Like fiber and antioxidants! You can also choose any type of frozen fruit you like such as bananas or mixed fruit. I’m adding bananas to my next one! Make it your own so you’ll enjoy it even more!

My smoothie definitely got me through my exam this morning!


Let me know any of your favorite smoothie recipes so I can try them out too!

Thanks for reading! Happy blending! 🙂

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Don’t fall for passive studying!

This morning while my boyfriend and I were having our morning coffee we realized this: “Go away, I’m reading…Star Wars” so of course I had to share!

This morning I was also doing some last minute studying for my exam today. I was talking to my boyfriend, watching  TV, and looking over my notes. In my head I was absorbing some of the information. When in truth, once I left for my class, that morning “study sesh” did nothing.


There is a huge difference in passive and active studying.

To really absorb information when you study, being 100% focused is crucial. Putting all of your distractions away, being in a quiet place, and having all of the resources you need are necessities to actually learning the material. Now don’t get me wrong, I do my assignments and problem sets and all that jazz with music or while watching TV. When you really need to study though, these all just serve as distractions.

Here are some study tips I have for active studying:

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