Studying for the MCAT (plus some tips & tricks)

Hey everyone! LIFE UPDATE!

The semester has started back and I have been so so busy. I am about to start to filling out applications for some graduate schools as well as preparing to take the MCAT, (ahhhhhhh)! It feels so surreal, talking about taking the MCAT and actually preparing for it are two completely separate worlds. With that being said, I won’t be posting as much in the next upcoming months, but I have some guest posts lined up so you guys will be able to visit my blog and see new content as well. YAY!

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Tips To Spice Up Your Résumé In College

I am meeting a professor this week to speak about a letter of recommendation she has agreed to write on my behalf. I knew when I originally asked that I did not want to send over my resume/personal statement/transcripts electronically. To me there is something unique in meeting someone in person to talk about your aspirations and goals rather than them reading your passion over email.

This is when I realized, I REALLY NEED TO SPICE UP MY RESUME!

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